Key Differences Between SEO vs PPC Advertising

Bringing in targeted traffic is an arduous task. It requires attention to detail and the understanding of different processes to gain traffic. Those who are not up to speed with these processes are the ones who are going to miss out in the long run. It is imperative to sit down and focus on these details as much as you can. One of the biggest decisions to make involves how the traffic will come in and which method is going to be employed. There are two specific methods one of which is SEO and the other PPC. Let’s take a look at how they compare to one another.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s begin with search engine optimization. The name says it all. The goal is to optimize the website for search engines such as Google. Let’s assume you are running a website on acne. When someone types in “treatment for acne”, you will want to be the first website that pops up in front of them.

This is what SEO is all about. You are going to focus on ranking for major keywords that a lot of people are searching for. This will let your website gain a significant amount of traffic relatively easily.

The best part about this option is the traffic will be ‘free’ after a certain point. If you do the SEO work on your own, it will be free throughout the process. If you have a professional do it, this becomes a short-term investment, where the traffic will continue to come long after you have made your money back.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

The next method in front of a web owner would involve paying for clicks. In essence, you pick and choose keywords, sites, and ad placements in order to drive in traffic.

You are paying someone per click on an ad you have set up on the platform. It is an easy way to drive in a lot of traffic in a short period of time.

The benefits of this are, it does not take long to set up, and all you require is money. You pay, and you are good to go. The traffic will come in bunches when you want it.

What are the issues with this? You will have to pay a lot of money and, in essence, it is a process where you will rarely gain traction. The traffic is going to fluctuate, and long-term results are out the window once you stop paying up for the clicks.

It is important to understand the nuances at play with each method. Most web owners go for a mix of both approaches to cover all of their bases. This means SEO work is done for long-term, consistent traffic, and PPC campaigns are run in the short-term for immediate boosts in traffic. It is up to the web owner to decide which direction to go in while progressing towards building a proper website.


The Complicated World of SEO for Orange County Business Owners

Anyone in Orange County, CA who does business online or who is involved in marketing must be skilled in the area of SEO, or search engine optimization. This is the practice of understanding what consumers type into the search engines to find the information they seek. Your job as a business or marketer is to capture the attention of those searching the internet, by being very high up on the search engine rankings.

The higher your search engine rankings, the better chance you stand at gaining highly relevant traffic. This means these are people who typed in keywords at a search engine looking specifically for information that you may have on your website. At least you have those keywords on your site, but that is the idea to draw in the traffic.

In order for your business website to be successful, you need to have it optimized for the search engines. Since you are most likely not a marketing expert and too busy working on improving your own products and services, many companies outsource this part of their business to a full-service online marketing firm.

This full-service online marketing firm needs to be highly experienced in creating websites, understanding SEO, social media, video marketing and all of the latest trends that now include mobile platforms. The latter of the bunch is what many marketers are focusing on at the moment since it can give you high-quality results in real time.

Someone on a mobile can opt in to receive SMS messages from you which not has become a huge selling point in marketing. The more consumers who opt-in to receive your messages means that more relevant information and products you have to offer. This is all taken into account today by the search engines since they are constantly tweaking their algorithms to utilize every platform where consumers search.

Hiring an SEO marketing agency can really help take your business to the next level. But to be successful this business must be in touch with all of the latest trends and what the search engines are looking for. Today the search engines are more focused on websites having highly unique content that cannot be found anywhere else. They will penalize websites who copy information or are very similar to other sites but with different wording. The search engines today want something different, highly unique and information that is relevant to today’s world.

There is a lot to learn about SEO, and it constantly changes at a rapid pace due to all of the new technology. With the advancement of mobile technology, it adds an entirely new layer into the mix for skilled marketers to figure out. As we get more advanced and grow as a society, so does the internet and how we search for and receive information.

With great advice and helpful tips marketers and businesses can improve their chances of being on top of what’s trending in the online world. This is only useful however if you are creative and come up with original content of your own that give the internet viewers something they haven’t seen before.

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